Monday, February 19, 2018


Housefly is the insect associated with Pisces. 

Around for millions of years, originating in central Asia, they've become a global pest wherever there's human activity.

Their wings beat between two and three hundred times a second at around 7.25 km/hour which allows them to perform complicated zigzag, spiral and backward manoeuvres in-flight.

Because hairy tarsi at the end of their legs are the equivalent of our taste buds, houseflies walk around on their food to taste it. Transporting disease-causing organisms from the trash and feces they feed on can cause major public health problems that are spread to humans through improperly prepared, contaminated food. 

Lithograph from the 1950s.

Scientific calculations determine that one pair of houseflies mating in April could progenerate 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 flies by August—that's quintillions from two houseflies in five months. It takes a couple of months for eggs to hatch and larvae to pupate into adulthood. The adult lifespan is a few weeks. Fortunately they can easily be managed at all stages with proper sanitation habits, traps and integrated controls.

On the flip side of their negative yet interesting attributes, houseflies are symbolic of Piscean's reputation for being accepting, imaginative, gullible, intuitive, impressionable and easygoing.


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